This is a story of wonder and amazement. A story of fantasy and of an impossible, parallel universe right next to the world we are living in. And it’s a story of Walker, formerly a student of cultural sciences at Klagenfurt University. Listen closely, and put on the shoes of Walker, the Whistling Ranger. 

One morning, Walker went to critically reflect on scientific achievements. Alas, a nagging sensation in the back of his mind would not leave him alone. Something was wrong. The university looked like it always looked. It smelled like it always smelled, but it felt different. Approaching the seminar room, Walker voiced his relief of entering familiar grounds, but only a whistle escaped his lips. Weird. Just to be sure, Walker tried a merry “good morning!”. [Whistle] Terror struck. Where is my voice? 

A brief episode of internal unrest and drama: Pictures flash through Walker's mind. Sounds ring in his ear. Worlds overlap. Monsters emerge. A magical place is a rift connecting this world and Walker's carefree home. 

Walker concentrates on his own whistling, and it seems to calm him down. There is a way out. I just have to find this magical place. I can cope! I can Do it! ONWARD!

Walker, the Whistling Ranger, is a non-linear video game, where your only way of interaction is to whistle. Fight your way out of a parallel universe and get back where you belong. 


Developed by the Whistling Weirdos at the 8th Klagenfurt Game Jam:

No mosquitoes were harmed during production. But numerous were fed.


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I hate the memey pictures. The idea is cool but it is very difficult to control. Somehow I won despite being hit every time. The prompts are hard to see because they are white on a mostly bright background.

Sorry, didn't see your comment until now! :)

I think you didn't get hit, but rather got the notes right (per chance?) just before you got hit. The whistling detection acts quite randomly, depending on your mic and surroundings... We tested it on 5 devices in different rooms and unfortunately never got it to work reliably in all those situations. As we barely got all the systems to work in time, the game definitely lacks in optimization, feedback and polish. ;)

Understandable, no worries. It’s definitely a funny concept :]